Wednesday, 1 February 2012

diy hardware wrap bracelet

the arm swag has become very popular right now, i thought this might be a nice addition to wrap around your wrist that looks abit different and is really cheap to make!

so what you'll need:
pack of tiny nuts from hardware store - i used Zenith half hex nuts, comes in a pack of 5o for about $3.
satin embroidery thread - dmc brand about $1 did not use the whole 8m.
clasp bits, or go with the button/bolt and loop idea but i didnt have anything suitable.
embroidery needles if you find it easier to thread the string through or you choice of sting unravels alot like mine did after applying a few nuts.

1. measure out how long you need the ribbon thread to be. i measured out enough to wrap around my wrist three times, then doubled it.
2. thread the ribbon through the clasp of choice, making sure that the ends of the ribbon are even and make a knot to secure the clasp.

3. now you can start threading the nuts. each ribbon is threaded through the hole of the nut from opposite sides.

4. continue threading the nuts on, i tried to keep the ribbon flowing the same way as it weaved in and out of the nuts to not look messy.

5. keep doing this till long enough to go around your wrist a couple of times, i used almost the whole pack of 50 nuts, you may use more or less so factor this in when buying the nuts!
6. to finish off, make a regular knot to secure the nuts and attach the other half of the clasp, mine got abit bulky cause i did multiple knots as my ribbon was abit slippery. then cut off any extra ribbon leaving some to make a little tassle if desired, which i did.

7. accessorize with other braclets and enjoy!

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