Monday, 2 January 2012

good morning 2o12!

So this is my first blog post ever and I'm incredibly excited. I've been waiting patiently for the beginning of the New Year to arrive so I can start this, its the part b requirement of my #2 resolution! My resolutions read like this:
#1. Respond to all texts as soon as I receive them unless I am working (I am a hopeless procrastinator and even leave replying to texts till approx. three days later!)
#2. a) Create at least once a week, fully finishing all designs.
      b) To be accountable to someone regarding above creating, this blog has been formed to motivate me and compel me to finish all projects. And also to get some feedback!

I'm very new to all this, new to many things this year. I've just gotten married two months ago to a very handsome man, well I think so, and we've never lived together before so things are fun and interesting at the moment!

So what I like to make will be the diys that will be posted, mostly clothes, jewellery and accessories, and the odd home ware furnishings! I will be trying hard to challenge myself but there will also be many simple things for you. Please bear with me as I am in a small coastal town with only a Spotlight and a Lindcraft, fairly generic stuff but hopefully easily accessible to you too!
Soo pumped for this year!

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