Tuesday, 29 October 2013

girl crush: Brooke Fraser

(from her instagram)
She has long been a crush of mine, and she never gets old! I saw Brooke again at Hillsong Conference this year in Sydney and I love listening to how passionate she is about God's word and drawing people to Him. Her wild dancing is borderline dangerous and her humble singing is moving.
 What a darling inspiration!

She has gone blonde for now though, love it but it ain't something I can rock.
Love her style, love her voice, love her lyrics, love the work so does for charity.
All round awesome chick!

(from the video clip Betty)
What's your favourite Brooke song? Mine is a toss between The Thief and C.S. Lewis Song.
Plus there's a new album out in the new year!

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  1. omg mad relate. this post is ancient now but we can girl crush together xoxo