Tuesday, 15 May 2012

diy metal string necklace

 just something i thought of when i realised that my collection was lacking in longer gold chains.
 the beauty in this design is that you can make it as long or short as desired,
and add little pendants etc whenever you can, super versatile!

what you need:

eye pins, any size wanted, i used 65mm

very basic steps.
1.  take the straight end of the pin and bend it around one side of the pilers to make a loop

2. take a 2nd pin and angle back the loop just enough to slip on the loop
you just made, then close back up

3. make a loop on the end of the 2nd wire, and continue the two steps
 untill necklace is desired length

4. close up the end with step number 2.

5. if you want to, you can add a pendant into loops or thread on beads before creating loops, get creative


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